Why? COFEPRIS prohibits Chlorine Dioxide, the use of homeopathic medicines ...

By Dr. Ernesto Lammoglia
Today I want to share with you something that is probably one of the greatest generators of fear, fear of dryness, of anguish or anxiety, whatever you want to call it, in medicine they mean the same thing, uncertainty and obviously a well-founded fear that is not Free to what to do in the family or personally following the preventive measures suggested by the Secretary of Health through the Undersecretary or that have been suggested in all parts of the world. You who are confused, amazed or also puzzled by so much contradictory news about what to do with something as simple as the use or not of the mask; You have to ask yourself: Well, if I have already taken all possible measures, and for some reason sometimes impossible to specify, I have a family member infected or I myself, what is the appropriate treatment to follow?
Curiously, the health authorities, what is correct, have tried to indicate the necessary preventive measures to prevent the pandemic from spreading; or have a rebound as we are seeing it now and that is medicine, the first thing is always prevention, especially at the level of the State, at the level of citizenship or individually, which is more important. But what do I do if it happens to me? I already continued, I did everything right or I did it wrong or I was wrong and I left, but it already happened to me. I have already got infected or it has already been given to my nephew or a relative, it has already happened to the man at the stash or to the supplier from whom I buy my food and medicine etc ... now what do I do?
I have been reviewing in the company of some interested doctors, friends, colleagues, patients and family members, and I find that there is a great discrepancy because there is not a universal or generalized treatment protocol to be used with certainty, once the person is infected.
There is also great confusion between the treatment measures that exist and have been disseminated, especially those that have not been approved; not only by the World Health Organization as the governing body of Public Health of the United Nations, but also by the organizations and holders of Public Health in some countries.
Everyone can accept that there are many cases that will solve with the vaccine, but there are not, except perhaps the Oxford one that has already been approved in England, Japan and Korea.
If you at this time have to come to a hospital as a patient. What will they administer, prescribe, medicate, or suggest?
The approved drugs, which in general have responded adequately such as the anti-inflammatory, corticosteroid (Dexamethasone) antibiotic (Azithromycin), in some cases, the antithrombotics, hydroxidechloroquine, Gasdem (citrus seed medicine made by nanotechnology) plus: Zinc; and of course, the Transfer Factor and Chlorine Dioxide.
Retrovirals or antivirals are inaccessible due to cost, and they are not available in all hospital medical units and their use should be as limited, as was the case with SARS and influenza.
What happens with all the world information that we read, about substances that have been used, such as in India that homeopathic medicine was used, using Arsenicum Album, Bryonia alba, achieving a mortality rate in the first months of the pandemic low, using 3 chochitos as preventive, which are used every fifteen days as a preventive and daily as an adjunct to allopathic therapy and cost less than $ 200 for the two bottles.
What have you done with the research and a published book on Chlorine Dioxide? I have received countless information, like no other medicine on the face of the earth in my entire life.
There is a large amount of information that sees it as positive, not only as a preventive or curative, but as a medicine of exceptional safety, since for many years it has been used to sanitize milk that is packaged or put in tetra pack packages, water from purifiers and even blood from vascular packages, which are used in hospitals, to administer a blood transfusion.
If it is a substance that has been used in a plan to sanitize and prevent contamination of human blood for transfusions, why have the authorities systematically opposed its use; Is it not because of its low cost, easy to prepare, easy to ingest, easy to consume as a preventive measure, and so useful when the disease is already present in any of its phases?
I ask myself that question every day. And I want to do the same specifically to a distinguished Yucatecan Pediatrician who was characterized in addition to his ability as a doctor, by his deep loyalty to Andrés Manuel López Obrador and what made him worthy of being the Director of COFEPRIS, an organization of the State that allows through the conscientious examination of the characteristics of some of the drugs and their distribution allows them to be authorized, for free sale to the public and to disseminate and disseminate all corresponding information on the benefits or side effects of such drugs that we still do not know well. This is the case of Chlorine Dioxide.
Dr. José Alonso Novelo Baeza, with all due respect, for his wisdom, ability as a pediatrician, the esteem and affection that he has in Yucatán. What has been the role of COFEPRIS today? probably in a direct contact, connection or dependence of the Secretary of Health and the undersecretaries of the branch and for some reason that I do not know and I want him to express publicly: on July 22, a statement from COFEPRIS came out, spreading precisely the opposite I am asking, literally prohibiting the use or consumption of said substance.
And you are within your right to do so, but also to verify that so many reasons, clinical, medical and pharmacological, biochemical, biological research have had, to avoid its use, which is already allowed in other Latin American countries doing even in other countries Latin Americans and other latitudes that have much fewer resources than ours.
It is striking, because in the search for health, doctors and institutions we should not inquire into the most sophisticated drugs and as much more expensive, and not in the national currency, if not in dollars.
That is why I present my question, Dr. Novelo, Mr. Secretary of Health, with great respect to the Assistant Secretary who has given us so much illustration about the epidemiological characteristics of the pandemic.
But what we want to know, millions of Mexicans, what do I do if I get infected? I have already tried to follow everything they said could be done to prevent it: the healthy distance, the confinement, the quarantine, the mouth cover, the hand washing, the gel, the mask, and I don't know why some, thousands of They infect and sometimes die.
As you know, by law we have a Constitutional right to Health and to demand that we be provided with a medicine that we think may be useful to us.
If someone wants to do it, for example; if you have dysbiosis, apply a stool transfusion, an enema with that, you have every right to request it and do it; since they are investigations and practices that have been done in other countries. If you want to inject or drink urine, as a probable "cure" for cancer, you can do so if you decide, since it is your right, like that of each individual or each citizen to achieve health.
COFEPRIS forbids me the possibility of using chlorine dioxide, yes, I have seen a number of patients, friends, family members, acquaintances who are having their daily activities to this day, ingesting this simple preparation; and of so much use, since it has been known and applied for about 50 years, and its health benefit is known, proven in blood transfusions, in packaged milk and on many occasions (if it is prepared correctly), in the water that they sell as purified water.
We deserve an explanation, and it is scientifically indicated to us, correctly; economically viable, what are the drugs to use in the case of the first phase of infection in Covid, in children, youth, adults and older adults; What are the essential drugs to use in the first level hospital setting, in the transition to the second and third level of hospitalization and / or when arriving at intensive care services, where it is already necessary at the third level to apply even the critical intubation procedure. Why? Because what is killing many; Mr. Secretary, Sub Secretary, Director of COFEPRIS; it is the stress that causes uncertainty, confusion, ignorance and misinformation ...
Stress is fear, it is a brutal wear and tear due to excess cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine in the blood and sometimes from the hormone (ACTH) which causes our natural defenses, our immune equipment to drop significantly.
We are then unprotected and before the official proclamations that they decree without the public knowing how and why the prohibition of a substance that is being useful to millions; and there are many of us who want to know what is happening, to know what to do. That they cannot carry out the elaboration of a list of the medicines that we have in what can be the family medicine cabinet, and the medicines that we have in the bureau ...
125 million citizens have the right to know what to do if we get infected, because they have already told us what to do to prevent it, that's fine and we continue to listen to them daily.
But the question is highly specific. What is COFEPRIS, the Secretary of Health and the sub-secretary of the branch doing? to tell us: if they have a high fever, a stuffy nose, that if they do not perceive odors, cough, pressure in the chest, dyspnea, these are serious symptoms; They already have them, now that they do, how much does it cost and where will all those who like me, do not have any health service for insurance of medical expenses or of another type, official or not, to go to the immediate purchase of this treatment, when we can do it little by little and keep it in the family medicine cabinet.
Dr. Novelo as a colleague of yours, perhaps a little older than you, I am one of these old men who continue to work, but still with what I have left of functional neurons, I ask you with all due respect.
Why? COFEPRIS prohibits Chlorine Dioxide, the use of homeopathic medicines, Why does Cofepris prohibit the use of MMS? Why is the use of substances that may be useful not widespread? As are those elaborated in my alma mater, National Polytechnic Institute, such as, for example, El Transferón and the correctly published investigations of Anti-sense Oligonucleotides that Dr. Santiago Villafaña's Higher School of Medicine is investigating.
That is what I would like, they would respond to me with all respect, and with even more respect, more haste and more social need to my Mr. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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