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We are a global non-profit organization. All of us who make up COMUSAV Mundial are volunteers committed to life.

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of fulfilling the mission of our organization: SAVE LIVES.

Our mission is to awaken the consciousness of all people, promoting scientific advances in the therapeutic properties of Chlorine Dioxide and integrative medicine, putting into practice multiple therapies to achieve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of all human beings.

COMUSAV WorldwideIt is an organization where all our members and panelists offer their time and effort for free, however there are other expenses that we need to cover in order to continue supporting the organization, events and support clinical studies in favor of integrative medicine.

We appreciate your generosity to continue with scientific studies, live broadcast conferences, technical support of the web platform among others.

Your contribution also helps us so that the legal, scientific research and pharmacovigilance team can finance the administrative expenses necessary to send the legal information to the corresponding authorities that COMUSAV Mundial proposes to help the population improve their health and continue saving lives. .

Your donation will be of great value to fulfill our mission and ensure that more people have the opportunity to learn about different therapies and integrative health methods to obtain a better quality of life.

Can you imagine being able to say that thanks to your contribution, Chlorine Dioxide is being authorized in different countries? 

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